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White Light Pays Homage to T.S. Eliot

White Light Pays Homage to T.S. Eliot
White Light Pays Homage to T.S. Eliot

UK - On 21st October, the historic surroundings of Wilton’s Music Hall played host to the ‘Homage to T.S. Eliot’ evening. The event was a fundraiser for the London Library and featured readings of Eliot’s work by renowned actors such as Fiona Shaw, Jeremy Irons and Sir Tom Stoppard, on what was also the fiftieth anniversary of the poet’s death. With more than 250 invited guests in attendance, WL was called upon to provide the lighting support on what was a unique occasion.

The entire performance was lit by lighting designer Mike Gunning. He states: “The aim of the evening was to raise funds for the London Library in order to allow free access for those not in a position to purchase membership. As it marked fifty years since T.S. Eliot’s death, along with the fact he was president of the library, it seemed rather fitting to base the evening around readings of his work.”

The lighting played a key role in both creating the mood for the evening and getting the most out of each performance. Mike comments: “I have known WL since their days in Filmer Road more than 20 years ago and have worked with them extensively ever since. Being aware of their unparalleled equipment range, along with their frequent support of charity events, I knew they were the only company to contact.”

Mike adds: “I had a very specific vision as to how I wanted the evening to be lit. I specifically drew on the modest tungsten units and knew that these would not only enhance the magnificent surroundings of Wilton’s but also help articulate the atmospheric nature of Eliot’s work.”

Readings throughout the evening included ‘The Waste Land’ by Fiona Shaw, ‘Gus: The Theatre Cat’ by Jeremy Irons and ‘The Hollow Men’ by Simon Russell Beale.

The evening marks another example of WL supporting a fund-raising event, having already worked with Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal Navy and Royal Marine Children’s Fund and the Make A Difference Trust this year.

Bryan Raven, WL’s managing director, comments: “Events like this are extremely important to WL. It’s fantastic that we can use our equipment and resources to support such worthy causes. It’s also great that individuals who we have built strong working relationships with over the years have the confidence to turn to us when they require our services.”

Mike adds: “I had another fantastic experience working with WL, who once again provided a first-class service. The evening managed to raise significant funds for the London Library and was also a fitting tribute to T.S. Eliot.”

Photos: Helen Maybanks/London Library

9th November 2015

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