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A green Christmas for Doughty

A green Christmas for Doughty

UK - Doughty Engineering is set to celebrate its first truly green Christmas this year, following the installation of 200 square metres of solar panels on the roof of its Ringwood headquarters.

Installation of the panels, which are estimated to produce 4000kW hours of energy a month, began earlier this year with an initial 98.5 square metres of panelling. Work has recently been completed to install the final 100 square metres.

Julian Chiverton, sales director at Doughty explained: "It's vital that manufacturers like us are doing everything within our power to become more eco-aware and eco-friendly. With initiatives like SiPA being set up to help businesses achieve their environmental goals and with support from the government, companies are running out of excuses for not doing their bit."

The move is an economical one as well as environmental – production at Doughty's factory is thriving and the company has invested in several new pieces of kit for the shop floor this year to help deal with the increase in business.

"Certainly we hope to benefit financially from the panels," added Julian. "We estimate that the panels should be providing us with enough energy to run the paint shop entirely but we are aiming to become entirely self sufficient for power. There's naturally an initial outlay – buying solar panels doesn't come cheap – but we recognise the need, not just for us as a business but on a greater level, we have to be conscious about the energy we are using and do what we can to be reduce our carbon footprint."

18th December 2015

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