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Audient ASP8024 Lands on Jupiter

Audient ASP8024 Lands on Jupiter

Canada – “I was looking for a complete and versatile console, and the Audient ASP8024 has delivered everything I wanted, and more,” says Michel Leduc, owner of Studio Jupiter, a compact studio situated just outside of Montreal.

Sold by local Audient dealer Sonotechnique, the 24 channel desk was installed in late summer, and has a number of features that Leduc appreciates: “All the aux sends are switchable pre/post and input/monitor; there are two insertion points per channel and I enjoy the small treats like the solo in front and the bus compressor. These are features usually found on consoles which are much more expensive than this one.”

The large format analogue desk creates a visual impact at the centre of Leduc’s studio space, and choosing Audient’s Dual Layer Control (DLC) option means he can control his DAW session directly from the console. “The Audient ASP8024 is easy to work with,” he confirms, adding, “it has the transparent sound of thunder.” So he reckons it sounds good as well. “I love the preamps – I am very satisfied with my Audient desk.”

17th December 2015

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