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Canford announce distribution of new 'Pluggable' Active Optical HDMI Cables

Canford announce distribution of new \'Pluggable\' Active Optical HDMI Cables

Lusem OxLinx HDMI cables are intended primarily for system integrators providing digital signage solutions, retail display systems and video conferencing facilities in meeting rooms but, the range of applications goes further, reaching into broadcast and production environments too.

Lusem OxLinx range extending hybrid optical HDMI cables can be used to distribute HDMI signals up to 100m without the need for bulky converter boxes or external power supplies.

Responding to customer feedback, OxLinx LHM-P 'Pluggable' cables have been developed to further aid fixed installation. They are terminated with micro HDMI Type-D connectors and supplied complete with custom screw-locking HDMI Type-A adapters.

The new micro HDMI cables further reducing the likelihood of snagging as the cable is pulled through conduit, fed through voids or behind plaster board. Other benefits may include applications where cables must pass through congested and/or small apertures, such as internally wired brackets and mounts.

Stephen Gallagher, Canford product manager comments: "OxLinx HDMI cables represent a complete solution. When compared with hardware costs of an equivalent converter box system, including cabling and power supplies, OxLinx cables offer comparable value, with many additional benefits.

“Factor time and cost savings achieved on-site due to having only one cable to pull, and no requirements for additional 13-AMP sockets, otherwise required to power converter boxes, and you begin to realise the value on offer. Add EMI and RFI immunity, and the simplicity of using a single plug-and-play product, eliminating potential interoperability issues, and Lusem OxLinx HDMI cables from Canford become an obvious choice for system integrators."

OxLinx cables are only 3.4mm in diameter and comprise of four optical fibres for AV signals, six copper wires for HDMI control signalling and CEC functions with Kevlar reinforcement for pulling strength.

All cables have LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) cable jacket and will handle 4K at 30Hz, 1080p at 60Hz, multi-channel audio and are HDMI 1.4 compliant. No external powering required.

Incremental lengths ranging 10m - 100m are available from stock.

10th December 2015

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