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Christie launches AccuFrame Pro

Christie launches AccuFrame Pro

Christie has announced the launch of AccuFrame Pro. This pro software reduces visual artefacts, like smear, that contribute to 'negative training', a simulated environment that gives false visual and motion cues by targeting low-to-mid intensity content at the pixel level, without reducing brightness caused by shortening the time each frame is displayed in a simulator.

“By reducing smear at the pixel level, images appear sharper and moving images look more realistic,” says Curtis Lingard, product manager, Christie. “AccuFrame Pro eliminates the need for additional projectors to compensate for the loss of brightness by targeting low-to-mid intensity content, where most simulated content falls.”

AccuFrame Pro is activated via a licensing process for any Matrix StIM WQ, Matrix SIM WQ and Mirage WQ-L projector in the field, thereby improving existing installations without the need to purchase higher resolution projectors. Accuframe Pro enhances dynamic image quality at both 60Hz and 120Hz.

Aero Simulation Inc., (ASI) awarded Christie a contract for the display system refresh of T-45C Operational Flight Trainers, at the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi. The trainer upgrades, based upon Christie Matrix StIM-WQ projectors with Accuframe Pro, will provide the full range of out-the-window visual images required for pilot training. ASI is Christie’s 'launch customer' for AccuFrame Pro.

Vlad Argintaru, ASI’s Senior Visual Systems Engineer stated: “AccuFrame Pro presents a significant improvement over traditional smear reduction methods, resulting in increased dynamic resolution in Christie simulation projectors. While most current methods typically impose a significant reduction in image brightness, AccuFrame Pro effectively controls image smear, while minimising brightness loss. These features are of particular benefit to a simulation program for an aircraft such as the T-45C, which as a fast jet requires maximum image smear reduction, as well as high brightness to support training objectives for night time landings on aircraft carriers using landing aid systems.”

Visitors to I/ITSEC (30th November - 4th December 2015, Orlando) can experience the powerful impact of AccuFrame Pro in action on Booth 2627 where Christie’s three-channel front projected display will show an air model simulation at 120Hz using the Christie Matrix StIM WQ system.

2nd December 2015

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