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CORE Helps Colour Art Couture Painswick 2015

CORE Helps Colour Art Couture Painswick 2015
CORE Helps Colour Art Couture Painswick 2015

UK – CORE Lighting’s battery powered LED ColourPoint uplighters and PinPoint pinspots were the lighting fixtures of choice to illuminate two venues at the 2015 Art Couture Painswick (ACP) event.

Two separate but related elements of the event themed “An Evening With ACP – in Colour”, were staged in St. Mary’s Church and The Beacon Hall respectively. The Beacon Hall has been recently refurbished and is a community based multi-purpose space in the picturesque Cotswolds village, while the striking St Mary’s Church is a grade I listed building dating back to the 15th century.

An Evening with ACP – in Colour is a fundraising event in aid of the village’s summer ACP Festival which attracts over 5000 art and fashion loving visitors to Painswick. It is a small and classy production which includes a catwalk show revealing some of the previous ACP competition winning creations, live entertainment, an art exhibition and an auction.

CORE’s Phil Ion was delighted to be involved. The fact that two venues needed lighting meant that some of the same fixtures had to be utilised, offering an absolutely perfect example of the portability and speed and ease of set-up that is at the essence of all CORE’s wireless LED products.

Eighteen ColourPoints were specified to light the columns running down the nave of the church These up-lighter fixtures, known for their smooth colour mixing and high quality output, were ideal for the application being unobtrusive and tucking neatly away, but making a high impact to give a real 'wow factor' when guests walked in. After the initial reaction, the lighting in the church created a special atmosphere and helped set the tone of the evening, “An Evening With Colour”.

Four ColourPoints were positioned on the floor and used to enhance the permanent lighting scheme to highlight the unlit chancel roof. In enhancing the existing roof illumination, the fabulous architecture and ecclesiastical features were subtly revealed.

Two CORE PinPoints positioned on the floor in front of the stage (installed for the event) at the end of the nave created a pool of light which functioned as key lighting for individuals like the evening’s presenter, Radio Gloucestershire’s Jess Bracey; the tiny fixture outputs a pokey 300 lumens which can be flexibly focused via its gooseneck.

The 30 award winning outfits picked from several categories of previous ACP events were also modelled and uplit on stage using ColourPoints as was the line-up of live entertainment which included a ventriloquist performance and music from singers including Hannah Scott.

The ColourPoints and PinPoints were also a great choice as the church has limited power available, so a wireless battery powered solution ticked several boxes including keeping the carbon footprint impressively low.

A short walk away, preparations were being made at the Beacon Hall for the auction and after-party.

CORE’s FLOOD30 commercial LED units – set to minimum brightness – were used to light the auctioneer in the Beacon Hall, and a selection of artefacts, paintings and other art pieces were all individually lit with more PinPoints, their warm white output ideal for the task.

The walls inside the hall were lit with the same 18 ColourPoints used in the church. Immediately the church live performances finished, the ColourPoints and PinPoints were struck and while a planned procession of costumes and guests meandered their way over to Beacon Hall the crew moved, set-up and focused the lighting. Eighteen ColourPoints were used all around the hall walls, to light the evening’s entertainment band Mango Jam, featuring Crowded House drummer Dave Hill, and PinPoint spots were used to light the auction items.

Phil Comments: “It was a pleasure to be asked to light this exciting event and to be able to bathe both venues in vivid colours so easily, which gained so many positive comments from the audience. The wireless practicality of the units made sure the transfer and set up from one location to the other so fast and simple and to help make the event presentation something special.”

photos: Anne-Marie Randall

CORE Helps Colour Art Couture Painswick 2015CORE Helps Colour Art Couture Painswick 2015

17th December 2015

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