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dLive on European Tour with Backyard Babies

dLive on European Tour with Backyard Babies

Europe – Swedish rock band, Backyard Babies, is currently on a tour of Europe with Allen & Heath’s new dLive digital mixing system.

“I have been a loyal iLive user for the past four years, and have done about 500 shows, so the move to dLive is natural,” explains the band’s FOH engineer, Stefan Ljungkvist.

Stefan selected a dLive S3000 control surface with DM48 MixRack, accompanied by Neve pre amp, Sennheiser in-ears, Audio-Technica mics, and an Allen & Heath ME-1 personal monitor mixer for the drummer.

In-ear monitors are also managed from FOH, and in total the show it set up with 19 scenes.

“Eight shows in with dLive and I am comfortable with everything. The feel is very nice and warm, and the EQ and FX are high end. When I use A&H, the band say it is like playing in a studio,” concludes Ljungkvist.

In picture: The new dLive S3000 at FOH with Backyard Babies and their engineer, Stefan Ljungkvist (centre).

3rd December 2015

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