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New look for wysiwyg R36

New look for wysiwyg R36

wysiwyg R36 lighting design and previsualisation software from CAST Software now has a completely revised and enchanting look as well as highly anticipated compatibility improvements.

wysiwyg R36 will deliver highly efficient and accurate looks to any design. Depending on requirements, wysiwyg R36 will be available as three, six or 12 month lease and also for purchase as of December 2015. The new release is free for all wysiwyg members in good standing.

Key additions include a new graphical user interface, customisable work layouts, and many importing improvements.

Key to the new release, wysiwyg has increased compatibility with the latest Sketchup 3D modelling software SDK and associated file formats. Users can import drawings directly from Sketchup into wysiwyg, and textures, layers, surfaces and object groupings are now preserved as they were created.

In addition wysiwyg now supports new file formats: Wavefront OBJ, Filmbox FBX, Collada DAE and 3DS Max.

wysiwyg R36 results from an intensive beta testing programme that has been very positive. Beta testing feedback received the following comments:

“I love the new Beta I can now mix the patch window into one of the window panes.”

Jason Gardash, freelance lighting designer and programmer says: “XYZ Rotation data – the ability to export positional data for every fixture in wysiwyg – is something I have been asking for, and CAST Software has listened. R36 brings new options in Spreadsheet mode, which adds to the already implemented XYZ location data, and allows global fixture rotation to be exported and used in lighting consoles. I couldn’t wait to try out this new feature with grandMA2 desks, which can use this information to position fixtures accurately in 3D space, providing useful tools such as auto-focusing and internal-visualisation. This was previously only available by manually positioning fixtures or with the desk physically connected to a wysiwyg machine.”

Alex Mead, visualisation specialist and lighting programmer, PRG Live adds: “The new import tool of R36 will change modeling dramatically. This is what I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

“R36 now has a beautiful software Interface.  The layouts of the travails windows are remarkable and very useful,” said Emiliano Morgia, lighting designer,

3rd December 2015

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