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Rosco Introduces LitePad HO90 and LitePad Axiom 90

USA – Rosco Laboratories has announced the introduction of LitePad HO90 and LitePad Axiom 90. LitePad HO90 and LitePad Axiom 90 are the evolution of Rosco's edge-lit LED light source, both of which now offer High CRI (90+) output for accent and fill lighting. Rosco's LitePad was one of the first LED solutions for image capture professionals and has been artfully illuminating scenes in television shows, feature films, and photo-shoots since 2006.
LitePad HO90

At only 0.3" (8mm) thick, LitePad HO90 is able to fit in places where conventional light sources will not. LitePad HO90 is daylight balanced (5300K), features High CRI (90+) emitters and produces a soft, flattering quality of light that is easy on the eyes. Available in six standard sizes, LitePad HO90 has LEDs on all four sides of the perimeter for maximum brightness, while a recessed connector provides a solid power connection directly on the LitePad itself. LitePad HO90 is the perfect solution for lighting nighttime car interiors, adding a glow to scenery, or props, or any situation that needs extra illumination without space for a traditional fixture.

LitePad Axiom 90 offers the same 5300K colour temperature and soft, flattering High CRI (90+) light output as HO90, but is available in a metal housing that is designed not only to protect the light source, but also offers a variety of quick and easy mounting solutions. The back of the housing has a universal mounting system allowing the LitePad Axiom 90 to be affixed with brackets to light stands or other grip hardware. Without the bracket, the LitePad Axiom 90 is light enough to be mounted with Velcro, magnets, rubber bands or zip ties anywhere its soft, attractive light output is needed. The housing also includes a gel slot for adding Rosco colour or diffusion filters. The fixture's slim-profile, low heat, low power consumption and outstanding colour rendering make LitePad Axiom 90 an excellent LED soft light choice for image capture professionals everywhere.

"The new improvements maintain the same uniform, soft light output and the same lightweight, thin profile as the previous generations of LitePads," said Jack Burwick, Rosco's Product Manager of LED Systems. "The greatly improved colour quality – 90+ CRI – provides accurate rendering of colours being illuminated. In addition, there has been significant improvement in operating efficiency. The new LitePad HO90 and LitePad Axiom 90 average 30% less power consumption - without any loss of light output," continued Burwick.

LitePad HO90 and Axiom 90 are both available through Rosco's global network of dealers.

7th December 2015

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