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SGM provides Christmas atmosphere in Bucharest

SGM provides Christmas atmosphere in Bucharest

Romania – The official Bucharest Christmas Market is a tradition from 2012 taking place in the University Square from end of November throughout December with more than 60 wooden stalls hosted by merchants of handcraft and seasonal foods. To extend the Christmas atmosphere, the market also includes a 15 metre Christmas tree illuminated by 20,000 lights, Santa’s House, daily carollers, concerts and donation of Christmas gifts for the less fortunate while surrounding buildings are illuminated in seasonal colours.

This market offers the visitors a rediscovering of Romanian arts, traditions and customs. This year also features 19 evenings packed with concerts held by renowned artists, children choirs and orchestras.

Ever since this tradition was created, SGM’s partner FIVE’S International has been the technical provider of the event which is planned by Bucharest City Hall, organised with the help of CreArT (Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition).

“Together with FIVE’S International, we have developed a long-term cooperation based on professionalism and high quality service, managing to organise great events for huge audiences. FIVE’S International has lots of experience in the showbiz industry and every time we work together they surprise us by creating an amazing show, with colourful and bright light designs and crystal-clear sound. At the end of the day, the artists on stage want to shake hands and to thank FIVE’S International for their high quality technical support they provided. This is our biggest confirmation that FIVE’S International is our best partner in creating unique and complex shows for our audience”, pointed out Cristina Lixandru, Public Relations Consultant CreArT.

“It’s our duty and our tag line to have the ‘magic’ technically improved. We do our best to have good partnerships for great events organised for large audiences. This is what we do and what we love to do. And having partners as CreArT, sharing the same goals and setting out the same high quality standards, make us proud of our work. Bucharest Christmas Market is one of our favourite events of the year, although it’s one of the hardest outdoor event to organise”, said Marius Teodosiu, project manager at FIVE’S International.

FIVE’S International is deploying SGM LED luminaries for both architectural installations and entertainment stage light set-ups. For the many concerts, a selection of XC-5 colour strobes, SixPack blinders and Q-7 flood blind strobes are adding powerful visual effects.

“The first time I saw the SGM LED luminaries, I thought I would never learn to tame them. They seemed to be hard as rocks, powerful like thunder and bright like lightning. But then, after reading about them and testing them, I discovered their true beauty, their fineness, their promptitude with which they respond to every command you send to the console. They have crisp and clear colours, exceptional optics and a nice contoured design,” explained Bogdan Ducu, light designer at FIVE’S International.

To illuminate the surrounding beautiful buildings, the Q-7 flood light, P-5 wash light and G-Spot moving head have been incorporated, as they are all extremely bright and IP65 rated for the outdoor winter exposure.

“As an aside, there is a reason why the SGM Q-7 won the prestigious PIPA award for best lighting product at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2015, the Q-7 is great! Overall speaking, I can truly say that the SGM luminaries are the new generation of the LED lights. You can do an outdoor event without any worry about the weather outside,” concluded Bogdan Ducu.

And the weather in December can be hard sometimes, especially for most of the technical equipment used for outdoor events like the Bucharest Christmas Market, lasting one whole month from 11am to 10pm every day. In 2014, more than 100,000 visitors took part in the seasonal initiative; a number which is expected to increase this year with the many concerts lined up.

SGM provides Christmas atmosphere in BucharestSGM provides Christmas atmosphere in Bucharest

18th December 2015

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