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Arcus club refits with d&b audiotechnik

Arcus club refits with d&b audiotechnik

Croatia – The Arcus Cafè and Night Bar have a long and enviable reputation as one of Čakovec’s premier hot spots for entertainment. Situated in northern Croatia, the town and its surrounding area serve a population of nearly 45,000. The club itself has been open since 1998 and has recently undergone a thorough refit. The owner, Ivan Steficar, knew he wanted the best quality sound system available to maintain and grow the level of customer satisfaction; so he turned to Davor Files from ELTEL, the sales partner for d&b audiotechnik’s Croatian distributor, Sunflower.

Files explains the rationale behind the choice of loudspeaker: “The Arcus Cafè is quite an intimate space; in total no more than 90 sq m. The performance space for the DJ is in the centre of the room so we opted to incorporate the subs into the plinth itself. The choice there was for 18S-SUBs from the d&b xS-Series. Their compact construction doesn’t compromise their performance and makes them perfect for this sort of environment. The central location of the DJ station makes for a venue where everyone can feel close to the action.

“For the loudspeakers we knew the small but mighty E8s from the d&b E-Series would be perfect for the job. They are a two-way multi-purpose loudspeaker and the facility to rotate the horn through 90° is always helpful when you are installing a system in a space like this. The club generally hosts DJ performances but live music acts also use the venue and so we wanted a system that could be flexible and versatile enough to accommodate this.”

Tomislav Koran from Sunflower was involved in the final design decisions: “Although this is quite a small space, the glass and gloss finishes and the rooms leading off, make for, potentially, a fairly tricky design. The owner, Mr Steficar came to watch us tune the system – the room was full of measurement microphones and wires – and we showed him how simply leaving a door open can dramatically effect the audio experience for his customers.

It works like a big Helmholtz resonator and you could hear a significant difference in the sub frequencies when we opened or closed a door.”

Koran continues: “We had thirty days until opening to install the system which might seem like a fairly comfortable time frame but we were working around all the other refurbishment contractors which can so often hold you up, so I was really happy that we managed to complete the installation on time.” Since the club officially re-opened it has been running a packed schedule of entertainment events.

Arcus club refits with d&b audiotechnikArcus club refits with d&b audiotechnik

6th February 2015

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