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Artistic Licence pushes the right buttons with Rail-Contact

Artistic Licence pushes the right buttons with Rail-Contact

UK – Lighting controls expert, Artistic Licence, has developed an ingenious solution to the problem of triggering a DMX controller from a mechanical device, such as a switch or pressure mat. The solution, a DIN-rail format product known as Rail-Contact, provides a versatile control interface for architectural or entertainment applications that require interactive lighting systems. 

Rail-Contact features eight contact closures that output a DMX value on channels 1 to 8 respectively. The DMX value is zero when the switch (or other connected device) is off or inactive, and 255 when it is on or active. For larger systems, it is possible to link two Rail-Contact products in series, providing 16 channels of control. 

The product has already proved invaluable in aiding safe operation of the outdoor light and laser show at Galaxy, a large casino resort in Macau, China. For example, if the laser room door is left unlocked, or the searchlight covers have failed to open, Rail-Contact registers this information and sends it to the centralised control and triggering system for appropriate action. 

Rail-Contact can be purchased directly from Artistic Licence or through the company's distributor network.


24th February 2015

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