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DMX Software fixture profiles / presets for Laserworld lasers published

DMX Software fixture profiles / presets for Laserworld lasers published

Fixture profiles and presets for conventional lighting fixtures like moving heads or parcans are included in most DMX software programs’ libraries. But when it comes to fixture presets for lasers most software programs just come with a generic library that basically allow the on-off feature and some sound to light and automatic mode.

There is much more that can be done with lasers through DMX control, but it is difficult to create such fixture presets, as the major difference between lasers and moving lights is that the variety of implemented 'gobos' is huge – and they are different from the generic ones that come with the software products. That’s why it’s necessary to generate new pictures for each 'gobo' (they are called frames in laser context) – which is a lot of work as some Laserworld lasers have over 200 different frames built-in, some of them already animated. The picture icons of these frames are essential to allow for proper 'gobo' selection in the software – no matter if for live shows or programming.

Laserworld decided to publish several fixture presets and fixture profiles for some of their show laser light systems – especially for the extremely popular Club Series units and the Diode Series lasers.

All fixture preset packs can be downloaded from the Laserworld download space. They include the fixture preset and the corresponding pattern icons and are available for a variety of different DMX software program libraries. A short readme.txt with instructions on how to install the presets and the frame icons is included too.

Laserworld created fixture preset packs for these products:

Laserworld CS-1000RGB

Laserworld CS-2000RGB

Laserworld DS-900RGB

Laserworld DS-1800RGB

Laserworld DS-3300RGB

These units will follow shortly:

Laserworld PRO-700RGB

Laserworld PRO-1300RGB

Laserworld DS-2400RGB

Laserworld ES-400RGB

26th February 2015

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