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Elation Lighting Good as Gold at Exclusive Atlanta Nightclub

Elation Lighting Good as Gold at Exclusive Atlanta Nightclub
Elation Lighting Good as Gold at Exclusive Atlanta Nightclub

USA – When exclusive Gold Room nightclub in Atlanta was looking to rejuvenate their entertainment lighting system they turned to Elation dealer Atlanta Sound & Lighting to realise the new look. Completed in summer 2014, the renovation features an all-new, all-LED lighting system from Elation Professional and ADJ lighting that has given Gold Room an exciting, new luster.

Gold Room is a chic, elegantly designed club with a reputation for high-class events and an unbeatable party atmosphere. Unlike any other nightspot in Atlanta, the team behind the venue sought to maintain its exclusive reputation with a light show that was not only visually stunning but low maintenance and energy efficient as well.

When Scott Waterbury at Atlanta Sound & Lighting was asked to design an elegant 4D environment for the 7,500 square foot club, he opted for a mix of Elation and ADJ lighting gear to give the Gold Room a high-energy yet super-efficient light show. Replacing the previous high-maintenance lighting system are 28 Elation Rayzor Q7 and 24 Platinum Spot LED II moving heads with unique pixel-mapped effects displayed across over 1000ft of Elation Flex Pixel Tape, as well as ADJ lighting effects.

The Gold Room rig was built entirely of LED fixtures – one of the first clubs of its size to do so. Fed up with wasting energy and funds powering lamps and changing bulbs, the efficiency and low maintenance offered by an all-LED setup meant that a key client demand was met. Another concern was that the technicians and designers at Gold Room were spending too much time fixing problems and changing lamps instead of programming and getting creative with the lighting. With a virtually maintenance-free LED light show, the staff at Gold Room can now spend more time being imaginative and getting the most out of the system.

In order to fulfill the client’s brief to create a 4D look, Scott combined the lighting effects with the room’s various décor features, such as glass and mirrors, to make the light show as mesmeric and eye-catching as possible. Twenty-four ceiling-mounted Elation Platinum Spot LED II moving heads spray fast-moving beams across the dance floor while working with the other pixel-mappable fixtures, including a forest of ADJ Pixel Tubes. The color-changing patterns spread across the room in one integrated effect and the abundance of glass and mirrors actually doubles the lighting effect.

On the walls of the two-level club, grids of pixel-mappable Elation Flex Pixel Tape create a variety of dynamic patterns. Thin and flexible, Elation Flex Pixel Tape contain RGB LEDs at 40mm centres and can be cut to any length. Easy to incorporate into any décor, it is a cost effective solution for simple colour washing, effects and pixel mapping possibilities. The Flex Pixel Tape works together with 60” LCD screens and the ADJ Pixel Tubes to create integrated pixel effects and video imaging from floor to ceiling for one cohesive light show.

Presiding over all of the pixel-mappable LED excitement, Scott installed 28 compact Elation Rayzor Q7 moving heads at mezzanine level, whose high-impact quad-colour LEDs and wash/beam effect are used to cut beams into the crowd and wash dancers in colour. The various layers of lighting in Gold Room can be mixed or matched and introduced at different times throughout the evening. Elation eNode 8 Pro Ethernet to DMX routers are used for DMX distribution and the large number of pixel-mappable effects is handled by Media Master Express and Madrix over nearly 100 DMX universes.

Scott was able to turn the Gold Room from a club with a high-maintenance, costly lighting display into a venue with an energy saving yet state-of-the-art dynamic lighting system. Whether dressing up the room for a high-energy night of EDM or a more laid back evening of smooth jazz, or the myriad of other events they host like corporate events, parties and other special occasions, the new lighting has given lighting designers at Gold Room all new creative potential.

Photos: Arnoldo Offermann

Elation Lighting Good as Gold at Exclusive Atlanta NightclubElation Lighting Good as Gold at Exclusive Atlanta Nightclub

27th February 2015

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