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Elation Platinum FLX a Flexible Hybrid Luminaire with Power

Elation Platinum FLX a Flexible Hybrid Luminaire with Power

The new Platinum FLX from Elation Professional enters into a new class of multi-functional lighting fixtures offering a three-in-one hybrid luminaire with exceptional power that has flexible use as a spot, beam, or wash light. Designed for a wide variety of professional stage and special event applications, its 470W Philips MSD Platinum 20R lamp can emit up to 23,000 lumens, an output comparable to 1200W fixtures and powerful enough to cut through bright LED displays and sizable rigs full of lights. It performs exceptionally well in a variety of lighting applications thanks to its full-feature design including CMY and variable CTO colour mixing.

Featuring new lamp technology and an innovative optical system, the Platinum FLX does the work of three luminaires in one. Using the same patent-pending dual optical design as Elation’s Platinum SBX, beam mode and spot mode perform under their own independent optical systems resulting in a narrower beam angle and brighter central point in beam mode and a uniform, clearer and brighter spot field under spot mode.

The intelligent optical system mechanically switches between beam and spot modes quickly and accurately with a very flat field of light in spot mode. Beam angle range differs in beam and spot mode with the Platinum FLX realizing gobo projection focus under beam mode from 2.3° - 23° and 3° to 32° in spot mode. A superior light quality (7,800K, 80 CRI) and uniform flat field of light with a consistent field is maintained throughout the zoom range. The Platinum FLX also includes a unique frost system which can realise a wash effect under spot or beam mode making it a truly versatile hybrid fixture.

“The Platinum FLX is an extremely efficient fixture on two fronts,” states Elation sales director Eric Loader. “Its hybrid ability translates into savings from being able to use fewer fixtures in the rig, not to mention the space and weight benefits gained, while designers are getting up to 23,000 lumens of power yet drawing only 650W. Very energy-efficient compared to traditional 1200W lights, you can easily put two Platinum FLX fixtures for every one 1,200W type fixture on the same power circuit, plus this unit can run at 120v offering even more versatility.”

The Platinum FLX’s full-featured design includes plenty of color and graphics options. It offers full CMY colour mixing plus linear CTO colour correction with an extra ten dichroic colours including UV, CTO and CTB for even greater colour choice and colour correction options. A variety of useful graphics are housed in two gobo wheels, one with eight rotating, interchangeable gobos and the other with six static-stamped indexing gobos. A host of effects and beam manipulation can be achieved via two prisms, a six-way linear prism and an eight-facet rotating/indexing prism, with animation wash frost effects also possible. The Platinum FLX also houses a mechanical shutter for high-speed strobe effects.

The Platinum FLX is controllable via three DMX modes (23/25/26 channels) and includes a six button touch control panel with a full-colour 180° reversible LCD menu display that makes for easy navigation through DMX and manual settings. The Platinum FLX includes a host of other standard features like professional-grade Neutrik 5-pin DMX In/Out and PowerCON In connections along with Art-Net support via RJ45 EtherCON In/Out connections. The fixture is also RDM (Remote Device Management) ready and houses a universal switch-mode power supply for use anywhere in the world.

5th February 2015

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