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First BMFLs in South Africa

First BMFLs in South Africa

MJ Event Gear is the first South African rental and technical production specialist to invest in Robe’s BMFL Spots with 24 fixtures delivered by local distributor DWR.

The Johannesburg-based company, led by Mike Jones, celebrated their new arrivals with an impromptu industry get-together attended by many top LDs who enjoyed the chance to see and feel the fixture that’s been creating such a global buzz in the world of moving lights.

“It’s a big winner,” declared Mike, who believes it will become “a number one” specified light on both international and domestic riders.

MJ has always had a penchant for being the first to purchase new technology as it comes to market, however Mike admits – with a glint in his eye – that he’s “never before been this excited about a new product!”

Mike did plenty of homework and also contacted several lighting designers, directors and programmers for their opinions before making his final decision.

“Everyone was unanimously enthusiastic and 100% positive” he reports. “It is the brightest light in the world right now, there’s plenty of hype surrounding it, and I think it will do very well.”

Jones first saw BMFL Spots in action during two South African events staged as part of the BMFL World Tour shortly after the product was launched in September 2014.

He already has a substantial stock of other Robe moving lights and so is very familiar with the quality and reliability of the brand.

The BMFL Spot has three modes of operation – 1200W, 1500W and 1700W - enabling use for all medium throw to long throw applications and this was of immediate interest to Mike, who was also impressed with the super-smooth colour mixing, the speed of the movement and the weight of 36kg – very light for a product as powerful and complex.

Robe’s BMFL was designed with the needs and wants of lighting designers to the fore, and Mike also aims to promote the fixtures to all the highly talented creatives active on SA’s live music scene, so when the units arrived, he personally called a number of well-known and emerging SA LDs inviting them to the ‘shop’ in Randburg. However, in true underground rave style he didn’t fully disclose what it was all about.

The ‘surprise’ event received an unprecedented turnout. Visitors were able to see the BMFLs in action and also enjoy Mike’s legendary hospitality!

One highlight was taking the lights outside and projecting onto buildings and up into the night sky, allowing amassed guests to appreciate first-hand the incredible projection quality, the 5-55 degree zoom range and the colour capabilities over distances of 150m plus.

Robe EMS (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) which enables the BMFL to absorb vibrations from audio, truss movements, sub bass and sprung or suspended floors was a big hit!

Recent high profile events to feature BMFLs in South Africa have included the Krone Music Festival (LD and production designer Tim Dunn), the final of Idols SA (LD Joshua Cutts), the final of the very first X-Factor SA (LD Robert Grobbler), shows by supergroup Kings of Chaos (LD Willie Bothma), the ‘Republic of Extra Cold’ event (LD Robert Hoey) and the CCI Awards (LD Ryan Dunbar).

In picture:Theo Rood and Mike Jones of MJ Event Gear with Duncan Riley, DWR.

25th February 2015

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