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Hawthorn and Pulsar e-Luminate Cambridge

Hawthorn and Pulsar e-Luminate Cambridge

UK - Last year’s e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge from 11th to 15th May attracted crowds of thousands, increasing attendance on the previous year’s event. The festival, designed as an educational experience to demonstrate how low-carbon lighting and art can create dynamic moods and emotive reactions. One of the main features of the festival included collaboration between local artist Suzie Olczak, technical production supplier Hawthorn and local lighting manufacturer Pulsar. The project aimed to 'e-Luminate' some of the most iconic buildings in Cambridge. This was achieved through the installation of inspiring transformational lighting designs at three iconic buildings – the Fitzwilliam Museum, Kings College, and Peterhouse, the oldest of the Cambridge colleges.

Suzie Olczak, Hawthorn and Pulsar worked to create ‘Light Progression’ an interactive experience for the general public as they passed by the buildings. The result was a breath-taking immersion into the world of LED low-carbon lighting. The sequence of installations linked the facades of the three iconic buildings which ran sequentially along Trumpington Street and King’s Parade. The combination of the three separate installations linked up naturally to create an animated and visually connected corridor of light. Viewers were immersed in a creatively programmed spectacle that changed in colour, intensity and speed as they walked along the streets.

Hawthorn installed 26 of Pulsar’s TriColour ChromaFlood 200s together with Pulsar’s specially programmed Pharos control system that was used to animate the linked corridor of light. The dynamic colour-changing effect across all three buildings changed the nightscape of one of the most historic parts of Cambridge throughout the evenings of the five-day festival.

Pulsar’s Paul Johnson said: “It was a pleasure working with Suzie, with her attention to detail and her passion for emphasising structures and the way in which light is perceived, we knew the collaboration would work and is always a pleasure. We cannot forget Hawthorn. They are a great team of professionals working with enthusiasm installing our products. We knew they were in safe hands.”

Rachel Waterfield, head of sales and marketing at Hawthorn was pleased with the results saying: “It was fabulous to get involved with the festival for the second year running, only this time it was on a grander scale. This educational event, with an emphasis on low carbon lighting is in complete synergy with Hawthorn’s sustainability policies and brand values.”

20th February 2015

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