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Making Creative Places Sustainable

1.30 - 4pm, 25th March 2015 Manchester

The challenge of environmental sustainability is prompting creative and collaborative

responses. Increasingly, people are coming together through networks and associations to pool knowledge, expertise and resources, and enable a faster transition to low carbon and sustainable ways of living and working.

Inspired by Manchester City Council's 'A Certain Future' strategy, cultural organisations from across the city have been working together under the banner of the Manchester Art Sustainability Team (MAST) since 2011, and have collectively achieved great strides towards the city's target to reduce emissions by 41% by 2020. This event will discuss and showcase how MAST and other cultural networks from Newcastle, London and Wales, are addressing sustainability in inspirational ways, and contributing to greener, future-proof cities.

A light networking lunch will be served from 1.30 – 2pm, and talks will run from 2 – 4pm.

12th February 2015

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