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Playhouse Square revitalises theatre district with Barco outdoor advertising kiosks and LED displays

USA – Barco, in collaboration with experiential design firm The Barncyz Group, is bringing the majesty of live Broadway shows and entertainment to the sidewalks of Cleveland’s renovated theater district with its innovative, interactive LCD advertising kiosks and outdoor LED displays.

With the goal of bringing its marketing power to the street while elevating the quality and breadth of the organisation’s digital assets, Playhouse Square is engaging audiences with a series of Barco advertising kiosks to promote its robust line-up of entertainment. The United States’ largest performing arts centre outside of New York City, Playhouse Square has recently undergone an architectural transformation, with sponsors breathing new life into its historic theatre district to attract both old and new generations to the live performance hub.

Chief creatologist Danny Barnycz was engaged to conceptualise a design solution that "brought the inside out," translating the elegant, yet light and airy themes of the renovated auditoriums into outdoor signage. Because of officials’ desire to tell a bigger, bolder story to attract passersby and reinforce the district’s branding, Barnycz recommended Barco LCD kiosks and LED displays for their brilliant, high-impact color reproduction, flexibility and reliability.

"Recognising the vast amount of entertainment programming by Playhouse Square and the need to quickly update signage with fresh, timely messages, the Barco advertising kiosks were the natural choice," comments Barnycz. "They give Playhouse Square marketers the flexibility to promote all of their shows, adapting messaging and taking advantage of social media apps to promote real-time interaction. Plus, Barco’s hallmark all-weather durability, 24/7 reliability and sleek, low-profile footprint are essential for this challenging location."

Since the kiosks are interactive via mobile phones, Playhouse Square officials can create a more one-to-one relationship with people on the street. "The kiosks enable us to communicate in an intimate way with current and potential customers, engaging them with more meaningful content," comments Tim Birch, vice president of retail sales, sponsorship sales and technologies. "We’ve already seen a lot of interest from advertisers and sponsors who want to capitalise on the value of this up-close opportunity to connect with the theatre crowd and beyond." An added bonus is that the displays can integrate with the latest smartphones and tablets, broadcasting twitter feeds and spontaneous advertiser promotions to deliver a rich, personalised experience.

This Playhouse Square project comprises seven double-sided, 72-inch LCD advertising kiosks delivering a brilliant 2,000 nits brightness. The LCD72ox display is fully configurable, featuring the smart concept of changeable skins to reflect each customer’s brand image. Advertisers can increase dwell times of observers with unique content and audience interaction devices to maximise campaign impact. The C8 display, a small, lightweight and sleek outdoor video tile featuring 5,000-nits-brightness, is the perfect visual beacon for the four main theatres in the district. In addition to comprising the four giant marquee screens (eight faces total), C8 tiles were also used to create a majestic 30-foot stylon ("stylish pylon"), a tall, linear video screen featuring advertising, event promotions, information and other digital art. A ticker-style screen on the Idea Center building and a ribbon screen on the Hanna Building complete the C8 installation.

"We are happy to be part of this monumental architainment project, which leverages the most innovative qualities of our advertising kiosks to the fullest," comments Carl Rijsbrack, chief marketing officer of Barco Retail and Advertising. "The opportunity to play an instrumental role in fulfilling Danny’s vision for Playhouse Square is both an honor and a welcome challenge, and we are thrilled with the results!"

26th February 2015

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