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PR Lighting Announces new XR 1000 Framing

PR Lighting Announces new XR 1000 Framing

PR Lighting’s new XR 1000 Framing, which begins shipping next month, promises a brighter output than a conventional 1200W discharge lamp from a 1000W metal halide lamp source — thanks to its superior optics.

The fixture has been built with an advanced feature-set that includes a wide beam angle of 11°-51°, which is linearly adjustable in 16 bit, an excellent framing system (with four framing blades offering 0°-90° rotation, with different size and shape graphics to produce a curtain effect.

More compact and lightweight than comparative models on the market, it also boasts a good cooling system.

In addition to the above, other features of the XR 1000 Framing include: smooth CYM colour mixing, with CTO and macro, colour wheel with seven colour filters, linear colour temperature correction, seven rotating high speed gobos and seven fixed gobos (all replaceable), DMX control, linearly adjustable focus, DMX linear zooming, linearly adjustable dimmer from 0%-100% and linearly adjustable iris from 5%-100%, adjustable pan and tilt speed, three-facet bi-directional, variable speed prism wheel, frost filter, double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3-25 fps, RDM control protocol and wireless DMX, input signal isolating protection, built-in analyser for easy fault finding and error messages and modular construction for easy maintenance.

PR Lighting reports that they have already received favourable reports from their global partners following the first advanced shipment.

16th February 2015

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