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Saudi event production house Maestro invests in Showline

Saudi event production house Maestro invests in Showline
Saudi event production house Maestro invests in Showline


Saudi Arabia An array of Showline's cutting-edge LED luminaires have lit the launch of a national Saudi employment initiative following Riyadh-based event producer Maestro's investment in Showline stock.

The award winning company purchased Showline SL BAND 300 RGBW, SL STRIP 400 (both RGBW and Tunable White) SL BAR 520 and SL BAR 620 luminaires. The units were employed to deliver stunning lighting for the function, which was attended by members of the ministry, members of the Shoura Council and top executives from the companies involved in the scheme.

"We came across the Showline products at Prolight and Sound last year, and were extremely impressed," says project manager Nawal El Masri. "We decided to purchase them as the quality was so high - the standard we offer our clients."

Maestro has an impressive portfolio, with experience managing a broad range of events from lavish weddings to national government conferences.

"The Showline products have added great value to our arsenal," continues El Masri. "They're versatile, reliable and the inbuilt effects are ideal for delivering stunning looks quickly, making our events extra special."

The SL BAR 520 and 620 luminaires are highly flexible tools, enabling designers to employ them in any orientation and configuration. The SL BAND 300 is a compact colour mixing luminaire, providing a vibrant wash of colour wherever needed, with a ten-degree angle and hanging hardware so it can be installed at an event with ease. Similarly the SL STRIP 400 provides blasts of colour in multiple applications and is designed with cable management capabilities for clean cabling and easy set up.

5th February 2015

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