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SGM LT-200 3D Luminosity at Berges De Seine

SGM LT-200 3D Luminosity at Berges De Seine

France – On the beautiful banks of the River Seine, between the bridges Pont de la Concorde and Passerelle de Solférino, and close to Musée d’Orsay, lies a part of Paris that is always buzzing with pedestrians, day and night, and known as Berges de Seine. In this urban centre, Mairie de Paris (Paris City Hall) organised a special Christmas lighting installation, which ran from mid-December until the end of January.

Lighting designers from LightLab were looking for a solution evoking a permanent vertical flow, to create a unique ‘city life’ impression. They introduced rental company, Lumière et Son, who last year brought the Hermès flagship store at Champs Elysées to life during Christmas using LB-100 LED Balls from SGM. Their suggestion to create a 3D graphic volume to inspire city movements was met with great enthusiasm by the client.

Lumière et Son prepared a full set-up consisting of pre-drilled wood risers to vertically mount 108 SGM LT-200, 2-metre LED tubes, in a 12 by 9 metre matrix, hiding all cabling and Art-Net drivers underneath. The matrix was positioned onto a ground mirror to extend the dimension and depth of the display.

SGM’s French distributor Sonoss worked closely with LightLab and Lumière et Son to create picture-perfect effects, reflecting exactly what the concept intended to inspire. Sonoss used Madrix to programme the show and achieve the goal of the designers.

Passers by have been able to enjoy three different shows prepared for daytime, night-time or festive season for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

“The LT-200 was definitely the best choice to meet these requirements with their high luminosity, bright and crispy colours and the easy setup, thanks to a good pre-engineering. 3D lighting is also very attractive, as it is quite unusual to find in the townscape,” says Vincent Criulanscy, product and project manager at Sonoss.

Criulanscy noticed that many people stopped to shoot photos and video, taken by surprise by the intensity of the effects. “They sometimes stay outside in the cold to observe the full 15-minute show.”

2nd February 2015

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