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Syncrolite Kicks off Grammy Awards with a Bang

Syncrolite Kicks off Grammy Awards with a Bang

USA – It is only natural that when the world’s biggest musical talents gather to honour their craft and creativity the world’s brightest lights would be invited to the party. Syncrolite was proud to be part of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards and to be working with one of the lighting industry’s brightest stars, Full Flood, Inc.

Bob Dickinson of Full Flood and the lighting designer for the 2015 Grammy Awards chose Syncrolite fixtures for the opening act of this year’s show. Dickinson remarked after the show that: “The crisp clean look and the punch provided by the Syncrolite fixtures complemented the energy of the AC/DC performance and set the mood for the night.” AC/DC’s hard rock medley was backed up by 12 SXL 7ks hitting the Staples Center audience with Syncrolite's signature solid beam of light.

Joining Dickinson in making the evening a non-stop avalanche of lighting artistry were Jon Kusner and Noah Mitz as lighting directors, Andy O’Reilly, Harrison Lippman and Patrick Boozer as lighting directors/programmers and Mike Berger and Madigan Stehly as associate lighting directors. Rounding out the distinguished lighting crew were Matt Cotter as media server programmer' Robert Lindsay as gaffer, Alen Sisul as best boy, James Beaghan as PRG crew chief and Travis Slater as Syncrolite technician. The Syncrolite equipment was provided through Arc Light Efx, Inc., Syncrolite’s west coast depot partner.

Jonathan Adamson, chairman of Syncrolite commented: "It is always great to be associated with talent like the team at Full Flood and we appreciate the opportunity to showcase the unique features of our products in a world-class event like the Grammys.”

photo: CBS

27th February 2015

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