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Syncrolite Scores at Super Bowl XLIX

Syncrolite Scores at Super Bowl XLIX

USA – When designers are faced with the biggest lighting challenges they turn to the industry’s brightest lights. This is just what Dall Brown Lighting with the support of Chroma Designs did when given the task to light the exterior of the University of Phoenix Stadium for this year’s Super Bowl. Dall Brown and Troy Eckerman teamed up to tackle the job of bathing the aluminium skin of the stadium in colour for the NFL’s annual week-long celebration and season finale.

As has often been the case Syncrolite LLC was the company relied upon to meet the huge task at hand. This year, for Super Bowl XLIX, Syncrolite supplied 19 XL 8K xenon moving lights with their patented OmnicolorM system that allows for true additive or subtractive colour mixing and incorporates VFL light-shaping diffuser film lenses that provided the beam spread and control elements necessary to pull off this super-sized project. The XL fixtures were mounted on scaffold towers at strategic positions around the stadium and operated via a wireless DMX system that allowed real-time control of the effects.

Eckerman of Chroma Designs remarked after the event: “The Syncrolite 8ks are the very best fixture to use for this type of lighting. Of any large format lighting they are the best out there. There are lots of small bright moving lights but try to light a huge wall with one, or a stadium, mountain, sky scraper or similar. It will never happen. The horsepower is unmatched by any other programmable fixture.”

Brown commented: “Syncrolite’s innovative colour system allowed us to match the Super Bowl XLIX theme colours as well as the Patriots’ red and blue colour scheme. And, yes, we were ready with the Seahawks’ blue and green colours as well! The lens system allowed us to adjust beam size for each segment of the stadium’s exterior even when scaffold placement wasn’t optimum.”

16th February 2015

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