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AC-ET Appointed Exclusive UK Distributor for Fiilex LED Lighting

AC-ET Appointed Exclusive UK Distributor for Fiilex LED Lighting

A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. has been appointed exclusive UK distributor for the Fiilex range of premium performance hard source location LED lighting, which is aimed at professionals in broadcast, studio and film requiring high quality colour tuneable lighting.

Manufactured using the very best components and production techniques, Fiilex products are extremely robust, powerful and portable. The range utilises multiple colours of LEDs to produce a spectral curve with significantly fewer peaks and troughs, resulting in much better colour response on camera than is traditionally experienced from single colour LED light sources.

The high quality, colour tuneable (bi-colour) light output, which is a much closer emulation of a traditional tungsten source, reduces the likelihood of variation with natural light at a range of colour temperatures between 3,000K and 5,600K. As a result, it produces exceptional colour rendition without aberration on camera, and in all cases the models score in the high 90s on the industry's TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) measurement scale.

Packaged as small Fresnel-type fixtures, models can be powered from a battery, accepting an input voltage range from 12-24 Volts DC (via D-Tap). Output, depending on the lensing option selected, is approximately equivalent to a 350 Watt traditional source.

The range of accessories available is also impressive, including two options for softening the output, an acrylic diffuser and a more traditional fabric-based softbox. Barndoors are also available and can be used with two additional lensing options, one of which is a full-blown 5” glass Fresnel, which provides huge illuminance at a point, considering the lamp's power draw, with some spot flood capability.

There is also DMX capability, to facilitate control of fixtures from a lighting desk.

To complete the line-up as a fully portable option, a range of hard case-based kits are available, which group the fixtures into various configurations, including stands etc. The kits provide an easy option for most users, although building up a bespoke kit is still possible to suit personal taste.

The Fiilex range includes the Q500 – an extremely powerful fixture in a very compact design; the P360EX – a versatile light that is just as well suited for studio as outdoor applications, the P180E – a camera top light which really packs a punch for its compact size and the P100, aka 'The Brick' – created for on-camera use as an eye light and hidden off-camera accent light.

AC-ET's TV & film development manager Ian Muir comments: “We're delighted to be appointed exclusive UK distributor for the Fiilex product range. With their extremely high quality, colour-tuneable light output and ultra-portable design, they are ideal for location use and perfectly complement the other types of film and television lighting available in our extensive portfolio – ensuring that our customers have access to a complete range of premium performance solutions to meet all their needs.”

AC-ET, which has a long history of supplying to this market sector, provides specialist technical advice and solutions for all aspects of film, television, studio and broadcast lighting applications. The lighting brands available – many of them exclusively in the UK – have been selected for their class-leading performance and expertise in this market.

The Fiilex range was recently showcased on AC-ET's stand at the BSC Expo 2015 and BVE London 2015 industry shows. For more information, or to arrange a Fiilex personal demonstration, contact the company now.

25th March 2015

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