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Clay Paky B-EYE K20 Seen on Multiple Bandit Tours

Clay Paky B-EYE K20 Seen on Multiple Bandit Tours
Clay Paky B-EYE K20 Seen on Multiple Bandit Tours

USA – Bandit Lites' inventory is increasing again with the addition of the Clay Paky A.LEDA B-EYE K20. Capable of functioning both as a high performance wash light and a spectacular beam light, the versatility of the B-EYE makes it a valuable asset to Bandit’s clients and is a notable fixture on multiple Bandit tours, including Barry Manilow, OneRepublic and the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular.

Brian Dowd of ACT Lighting facilitated the purchase and provided: “Only the highest level of customer service,” according to Pete Heffernan, Bandit Lites’ president. “We were excited to include it our repertoire of equipment since the versatility of the B-EYE is astounding. I know the lighting designers we work with are going to get some jaw-dropping looks with it.”

Lighting designer Chris Lisle used the B-EYE K20 when designing the rig for OneRepublic and praised it as an amazing fixture saying, “We were able to pull off a lot of amazing visual effects with a great deal of ease. The intensity, zoom, and of course spin effects all combine to make this one of the most powerful and amazing fixtures that I have had the chance to work with.”

Creative director and production designer Seth Jackson used the B-EYE as his main wash fixture on Barry Manilow, and pointed out its tremendous flexibility and brightness giving him some unique looks.

Additionally, the B-EYE K20 is currently out on Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, where production manager Jerry Holcomb found it to be not only a great wash light, but also a fantastic beam fixture because of its zoom capabilities.

“Its effects allows the same fixture to have multiple looks during the night,” added Holcomb. “That is good for us on Winter Jam since we have so many different artists and styles. This year it is our main wash light, but when combined with our Sharpys, it makes a dramatic look.”

6th March 2015

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