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New Meeting Hubs take Classrooms into the Future

New Meeting Hubs take Classrooms into the Future

UK – Rapid developments in communications technology are changing the look and the layout of classrooms and teaching rooms, particularly in higher education.

Reflecting the growing demand for collaborative working and learning, AV integrator Saville Audio Visual has added a range of bespoke Quadra Meeting Hubs to its successful academy furniture range, launched three years ago.

The new, custom-built furniture groups provide a stylish, practical solution for small group teaching sessions – or business meeting scenarios – with or without videoconferencing.

As a stand-alone unit, the standard Quadra Meeting Hub seats up to five users and accommodates monitor screens up to 52”. A choice of inputs enables users to connect laptops or tablets and share content on the monitor.

Developed originally as a videoconferencing environment, the concept houses source equipment, switching and cabling internally. This enables easy, efficient installation and a tidy, professional appearance. The Meeting Hub can be customised with a range of alternative shapes, sizes and colour finish options.

Early adopters include campuses at Edinburgh College and the University of West of Scotland in Ayr and Paisley. Describing the result as the ‘teaching room of the future’, the new teaching rooms at Edinburgh are designed around Meeting Hub desks supplied by Saville.

At Ayr, up to eight Group Meeting Hubs are interlinked to allow the lecturer to select any connected source at any desk. This source can then be displayed on each of the desk monitors as well as the lecturer’s 70” interactive screen. The desks have been custom colour-coded to allow each collaboration group to be identified by their colour.

16th March 2015

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