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New variable curvature angles available for HK Audio’s ConTour Array CTA 208

New variable curvature angles available for HK Audio’s ConTour Array CTA 208

HK Audio has extended the variable curvature options available on its ConTour Array CTA 208s.

Every CTA 208 ordered from the beginning of 2015 onwards features curvature options of 0°, 3°, 6° and 9°, giving far more flexibility to the end user. Previous CTA 208s feature only 0° and 9° options.

The special new rigging system facilitates deployment in both long-throw and near-field applications; when users opt for the 0° setting, the individual mid/high units are not articulated, instead they form a stable and remarkably coherent wave. This maximises frequency bundling effects, thereby maximising range.

The improved rigging system, which allows the tops to also be tilted at 9°, 6° and 3° angles, enables ConTour Array to deliver optimum sound dispersion over the entire audience area, whatever the size of the venue.

An updated version of the EASE Focus 2 GLL files, a revised product manual and a rear view image of the new CTA 208s are available from the HK Audio website as free downloads.

For customers who wish to upgrade their existing CTA 208s to the new specifications, an affordable “CTA 208 0°, 3°, 6°, 9° Upgrade Kit” is available now.

The kit includes the two additional metal brackets required for then upgrade and a sticker with a graphic showing the two new angles. An upgrade kit is required for each CTA 208 unit, but the conversion is simple and straightforward to make.

For more information, please contact the HK Audio service team or local HK Audio dealer.

9th March 2015

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