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P-5 Elected for European Parliament

P-5 Elected for European Parliament
P-5 Elected for European Parliament

When Martin Schulz was re-elected President of the European Parliament and Jean-Claude Junker for the EP commission, DB Video was tasked with illuminating the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium), indoor for the Hemicycle, Passerelle, Agora set and Forum set as well as outdoor for the main entrance and Protocol entrance at rue Wiertz.

Lighting designer Thomas Boets was in charge of the light setting of this event, creating atmosphere in the several venues which also targeted the live broadcast for international television.

For the outdoor illumination Boets deployed SGM’s P-5 wash light: four matrices of each 16 P-5 on scaffold towers and 24 luminaires to uplight the flags of the member states. In a different section, another 64 P-5s washed the trees and some PVC signs.

“The idea was to create an atmosphere in the alley and at the main entrance, where all the Members of Parliament entered during the evening of the election. We made 16 different looks, changing every eight minutes resulting in a loop of 128 minutes,” inform Boets, who was assisted by lighting operator Joeri Diddens.

This was Boets’ first experience working with the powerful P-5 – and he says he was pleasantly surprised. “I was searching for a fixture with the new LED technology, something with a powerful output and not too big, and also with the IP rating for outdoor use. PRG had these in stock, so we conducted a test and I was really surprised by the output,” the designer explains.

He continues: “The RGB colours are really nice, but adding the feature of white LEDs gives the fixture so much more potential to use in many different ways. It is in fact an all-in-one fixture with a high output!”

After this deployment and the many positive reactions to his work at the European Parliament, Boets can truly be said to be a big fan of the P-5.

10th March 2015

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