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Ruhrtriennale relies on kinetic solutions from Movecat

Germany – In the course of this year’s Ruhrtriennale festival, Kultur Ruhr GmbH staged a musical/theatrical production of Le Sacre du Printemps in the Gebläsehalle Duisburg, once the blasting hall of the Thyssen iron and steel works. The leitmotif of the lavish production was the 'artistic' use of machines, which involved at one point dumping bone ash onto a surface 10 x 23 metres in extent. To make this installation possible, six mobile truss grids were used for the mounting of a total of 37 machines along with additional trusses for the luminaires, curtain rails, projection foils and protective canopies.

As a screen against the resulting dust, the client installed a dust protection cabin made from prefabricated tarpaulins that encompassed the entire stage area as well as the machine rigging. For the realisation of this sophisticated design, the organisers relied upon professional kinetic solutions from Movecat.

For the project, two lengths of 50mm and 60mm four-point trussing served initially as a pre-rig. These were suspended from three new stock bridges as well as one of the hall’s old crane bridges. To complement the bridges, two additional lengths of 100mm heavy duty four-point trussing had to be placed on the crane tracks. Two 30mm four-point trusses in each case ten metres long consolidated the integrity of the structure where the bridging trusses met the existing bridges. The ten points of attachment of the lengths of pre-rigging  to the stock bridges were realised with the help of 40mm four-point trusses in each case one or two metres long. These were simply placed on the existing main girders of the bridges.

13th March 2015

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