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Summer show with Le Maître at Rainbow MagicLand in Rome

The attraction of last summer in Valmontone is called “Illusion” and combines music, fantasy and projection. With hundreds of lights installed on the fountains and special effects enhancing the show, Illusion had nine dancers interacting with the fountains and the projections.

One of the world’s leading companies for aquatic shows and an internationally renowned video designer participated in the realisation of this show.

“The show went on two to three times a night for a duration of 25-30 minutes and could accommodate 300 people,” says Mr. Bonsanti technical representative at MagicLand. “Thanks to a series of effects, the organisers were able to create true illusions with pirate and jungle themes”.

“The stage on the water with the castle built on the large Lake of the Fairies was breath taking”. Bonsanti says that the dancers: “Were moving together with the dancing fountains. On the backdrop of the stage there were constant changes in video mapping projections. To get an even greater effect, we put eight Salamander flame machines from Le Maître in a semi-circle.”

Bonsanti reveals that the Salamander were mostly operated manually to be synchronised with the dancers, but also programmed remotely via DMX to be synchronised together with the music.

"We chose to use the Salamander flame machines from Le Maître. We believe this is the most reliable flame machine available on the market in terms of effect and especially in terms of security. Because the Salamander canisters are internal, we are guaranteed a safety both while arming and firing. In addition, the possibility of charging the machine with disposable canisters was for us the best solution taking into account the number of performances per evening.” Bonsanti concludes saying that the Salamander is a flame machine that is: "Very different from those of other brands and, for us, Le Maître is the best brand for this type of show."

"We have worked with Audio Effetti for many years. It is a company that has followed us for quite some time and who understands our requirements and time constraint. In our business it is imperative that one remains innovative. When Audio Effetti suggested us to use the Salamander from Le Maître for our project at MagicLand we immediately knew it would be a success.”

2nd March 2015

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