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Super Nova

Super Nova

UK – Making waves in the moving light world has always been what Richard Martin Lighting (RML) has tried to do. In 2006 RML was the first rental house in the UK to own Nova Flowers. Since then the company has gone on to make similar pioneering investments, including Sharpys and VL4000 Spots.

However, it’s not just purchasing patterns that are important. In order to continue to provide customers with the best service, the equipment must be at the best of its abilities. With this in mind, last month the Nova Flowers were sent off Italy to be upgraded.

Now they are back, looking black and Super and available now: Source: HTI 2000W; Optics: 40° fixed beam, five beam effects; Colour: six colour wheel + Open and CMY; Control: 15/18 channels, 5 Pin XLR; Power: 2200W / 9.5A at 230V; Weith: 67kg.

”Nova Flowers are still such a popular light in our hire stock that it made perfect sense to have them upgraded. Now our Super-Nova’s have new interior, new displays, electronics and metal work and they really do look as good as new! You almost wouldn’t know it was the original unit. These fixtures are relatively unique in what they can do, even more so as these don’t have some of the restrictions that other big lights do. Having them out of stock these past few weeks has made us realise how much they are still required and used so we are pleased to have them back and ready to go,” said Steve Wells, RML operations manager.

16th March 2015

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