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The Battle for Number 10

The Battle for Number 10

So the battle is on! Last week Sky News held a live debate between Prime Minister David Cameron and Ed Miliband as part of the Battle for Number 10. The show was hosted by straight-talking Jeremy Paxman.

Of course the show has divided opinion but it was unquestionably a success and brilliantly unique opportunity to see how the two party leaders would deal with questions and criticisms on the spot, not only from Paxman, but also from selected members of the public.

The show design was kept a secret and it all happened very fast! Richard Martin Lighting (RML) provided the lights to LD Richard Bowles and the studio and outside space looked fantastic.

Outside in the main atrium there was a huge array of lights which could no doubt of been seen for miles, including 24 SGM P5s and six recently upgraded Super-Novas. There were also Chroma Flood TCs, City Colours and 12 new Clay Paky Mythos (including Flight Domes) making it a great opportunity for RML to showcase some of its newer fixtures.

Inside the main studio, the look of the show was strong, sharp and sensible, just what is expected of such a high profile event. However, as sophisticated as it was, there were actually quite a lot of lights. Richard chose 20 VL1000TSs, 40 Auras, 22 GLP Impressions and 12 Sharpy Wash 330s.

31st March 2015

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