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d&b at PL+S Guangzhou and InfoComm Beijing 2015 Review

d&b at PL+S Guangzhou and InfoComm Beijing 2015 Review

China – With a lot to show and a lot to say, d&b audiotechnik (China) Ltd took care to focus their product displays at this year’s PL+S Guangzhou and at InfoComm Beijing, placing the professional concert systems of J, V and Q-Series together in one area, with the more installation oriented systems from the xS and xA-Series placed discretely elsewhere. “We chose to differentiate the systems in a clearly visual sense,” said Freddie To, Director, d&b China, “but with the emphasis firmly on how the many elements of the d&b product range can be integrated in any combination.”

Highlights included elements from the xS-Series, the 4S, 5S, 8S and 12S loudspeakers, along with the dedicated 18S-SUB subwoofer. The 4S, 5S and 8S are light weight coaxial 2-way loudspeakers with a 100° conical dispersion, while the larger 12S is a biaxial bass reflex loudspeaker with 12” bass driver and a 1.4” compression driver mounted to a rotatable horn (75° x 50°, or 110° x 55° for the wider angle 12S-D variant). The 18S-SUB is a direct radiating subwoofer designed for use with both xS and xA-Series loudspeakers, it has a single 18” driver providing a frequency response between 37Hz and 140Hz.

From the xA-Series, the 10AL, coupled with the 27A-SUB, provides a classic installation line array combination. The 27A-SUB houses a front facing 15” driver in combination with a rear radiating 12” for stand-alone cardioid performance off a single channel of D6, D12 or D80 amplification. The 10AL is a 2-way passively crossed bass-reflex enclosure (10” and two 1” compression in the HF) with a nominal horizontal directivity of 75°.

Both the xS and xA Series loudspeakers and accessories are also available in the Special Colour option (SC); that is any colour from the RAL standard. Outdoor use can of course be accommodated with the selection of the Weather Resistant (WR) seal.

The J, V and Q-Series line array systems are all well established in the Chinese market, so too the C-Series point source system. The displayed Ci-Series is the installation variant and amply illustrated how all these Series V, Q and C (with the exception of J-Series), have an acoustically compatible installation version where touring handles have been eliminated for a more aesthetically pleasing cabinet, while M10, M12 and M16 threaded inserts are provided for attaching installation hardware.

The xC-Series of column loudspeakers featured at both shows. The 24C loudspeaker is an installation product developed specifically for speech reinforcement in difficult acoustic environments, such as railway terminus and other large open buildings. Highly steerable dispersion control is delivered by six 4” drivers, with HF from six 1.1” tweeters in vertical horn array. A broadband passive system achieves cardioid horizontal coverage. The xC-Series also includes 16C, a smaller column using four 4” low/mid drivers plus centrally mounted constant directivity HF horn with 0.75” compression driver.

And finally, exclusive to PL+S the new Y-Series offering both point source and line array loudspeakers, though only the line array products were on show. The Y7P and Y10P point source and the Y8 and Y12 line array modules each feature two 8” drivers with neodymium magnets mounted in a dipolar arrangement around a 1.4” compression driver. All models are passively crossed over, keeping amplifier channels to a minimum.

The Y-Series line array modules bear more than a passing resemblance to their larger cousins, the V and J-Series. All three Series have the same rigging design in common, while the new Y8 and Y12 share the familiar 80° and 120° horizontal dispersion characteristics, with horizontal dispersion control down to 500 Hz. In keeping with the V and J tradition the Y-SUB is of course cardioid, can be ground stacked or flown, and extends frequency response down to 39 Hz.

“Such a wide selection of loudspeaker solutions for a diversity of situations,” concluded To, “yet all with the typical d&b goal of precise propagation control in mind. Response to the products on display was the best we have experienced and the consistency of tonal quality and frequency response across the whole range was widely acknowledged as a major benefit.”

27th April 2015

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