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Newest in Elation Lighting Innovation Coming to PLASA Focus Leeds 2015

Newest in Elation Lighting Innovation Coming to PLASA Focus Leeds 2015

Fresh off a successful Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Elation Professional heads to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for PLASA Focus, where premiere launch products like the all-new ACL Series of LED lights and the powerful hybrid Platinum FLX moving head will be on display, and much more.

Join the Elation team May 12-13 at Stand N-D32 for the opportunity to talk in depth with qualified Elation personnel and get an up-close look at Elation’s line of versatile lighting solutions.

PLASA Focus Leeds is the leading event for entertainment technology in the north of England. A professional development programme runs alongside the event, providing visitors with free access to seminars and product demonstrations. Registration is free at

Elation product highlights at PLASA Focus Leeds 2015:

ACL Series: The new ACL Series features a new highly advanced collimator lens optic, the largest single multi-chip LED lens optic to date at the same size of a PAR 20 lamp. Using the newest high-output Osram RGBW 15W multi-chip LED, its large-size optical design produces a laser-like homogenised four-degree beam from each lens for extremely high output efficiency. Five models are available – ACL Par, ACL Bar, ACL Strip, ACL Rotor and ACL Panel. Each unit in the series offers full pixel control and built-in effect/chase macros. Each unit can also be used as a wash fixture using the included removable 'Light Shaping Film' (LSF), which gives the option of a four-degree beam or a 25-degree wash.

Platinum FLX: The Platinum FLX is a multi-functional lighting fixture that can be used as a spot, beam, or wash light. Its 470W Philips MSD Platinum 20R lamp emits up to 23,000 lumens and its intelligent optical system can mechanically switch between Beam and Spot modes quickly and accurately. The fixture can zoom from 2.3° - 23° under Beam mode and 3° to 32° in Spot mode. It offers full CMY colour mixing with an extra 10 dichroic colours including UV, CTO and CTB. Graphics are housed in two gobo wheels. Other features include two prisms and a mechanical shutter for high-speed strobe effects.

Colour 5 Profile: The Colour 5 Profile is an ellipsoidal spot with 180W five-colour LED engine (red, green, blue, amber and mint) for an expanded palette of colours, including stunning ambers and true whites. The 'mint' LED enhances the production of variable white colour temperatures from 3,200 to 6,500K and increases the CRI. The Colour 5 Profile emits 4,100 lumens of power with a superior quality of light (CRI over 94). A range of interchangeable lens options (19°, 26°, 36° and 50°) are sold separately. A four-blade manual framing system, electronic strobe and a selection of variable dimming curves are also included.

WW Profile: The WW Profile is an ellipsoidal spot that projects a soft, warm white light that is ideal when illuminating speakers, highlighting performers or emphasising on-stage scenery. Powered by a 130W warm white LED engine, this pro-level product gives an output of 6,700 lumens with a CRI over 94. Energy consumption is more efficient than traditional warm white luminaires. Interchangeable lens options of 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° (sold separately) make it a highly effective directional white light luminaire. Manual focus and a four-blade framing system allow for full control of the beam shape.

Sniper: The Sniper is an award-winning hybrid beam, scanner and laser simulator in one that gives the creative LD an all-new tool to create stunning light shows. Emitting a powerful, ultra-narrow 3° beam, a high-speed mirror system allows the Sniper to spread scanner and laser-like effects at exceptionally high speed and without the hassle of laser regulations. The Sniper is powered by the new 132W Philips MSD Platinum lamp and houses 14 dichroic colours and 17 static gobos. It is the perfect high-energy effect light for clubs and other night time venues and can liven up any stage for tours and special events.

Newest in Elation Lighting Innovation Coming to PLASA Focus Leeds 2015Newest in Elation Lighting Innovation Coming to PLASA Focus Leeds 2015

30th April 2015

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