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Simple Minds make Big Music with Apex Intelli-X 2

Simple Minds make Big Music with Apex Intelli-X 2
Simple Minds make Big Music with Apex Intelli-X 2

Simple Minds, one of the biggest pop-rock bands of the eighties, is back with their 16th studio album, “Big Music”. Widely hailed as a “return to form,” and by some as their best album in 30 years, the Big Music pays homage to their musical legacy whilst managing to invoke a modern twist. Simple Minds are currently in the middle of a major UK and European tour, “Big Music + Greatest Hits 2015”. FoH engineer Olivier Gerard (pictured) has been working with Simple Minds since 2009. One of the key elements of his system setup on this tour (and indeed many others) is his Intelli-X 2 48 loudspeaker processor and system management device from Apex.

“On tour you need to be both reliable and efficient,” explained Gerard. “That means you need good tools. The Intelli-X 2 is the equivalent of the Swiss knife for FoH engineers – in other words, it does everything, and does it well! It’s great to have in any situation, but it really comes into its own if you’re touring a lot on house PA systems.”

The Intelli-X 2 48 is a 4-in, 8-out system processor and management system offering plug-and-play functionality and unmatched audio performance. Equally at home either as a standalone controller for smaller events or as part of a comprehensive wireless network for arena or stadium-sized tours, Intelli-X 2 offers a complete range of processing functions plus all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ including the provision of IIR and FIR-based crossovers.

“It’s all there, just a click away,” contined Gerard. “Filters, delays, graphic EQs, parametric EQs etc. on both the inputs and the outputs. The ability to select either AES or analogue inputs and outputs is great, and when you’re touring with a smaller desk, you can drive up to eight outputs from your main feed – that’s really handy! You can configure and control it from your laptop, but if you prefer not to for any reason, the front panel LCD is really intuitive and easy to use. Personally, I always have one in my rack to stay in full control of my audio. I wouldn’t go on tour without it!

10th April 2015

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