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The Javone Prince Show

The Javone Prince Show

Over the past few years there have been a number of studios closing in London, meaning that more and more work is being filmed in different parts of the country. So it was very refreshing when The Javone Prince Show was recently filmed in the up-and-coming Rivoli Ballroom.

The South London venue was originally built back in 1913 and is the only ballroom still intact in London. It has been used for a variety of different things over the years but the untouched cool, vintage interior now means it’s the kind of trendy venue artists such as Noel Gallagher want to play. The beautiful building was the perfect backdrop for a stand up style comedy show with a cabaret style twist.

After his success on shows such as Horrible Histories, I’ve Got No Head and PhoneShop, award winning comedian Javone now has his own brand new sketch show.

Javone trained at LAMDA and as their principal lighting partners RML has a close affiliation with the theatre school, and anyone who is a product of the academy. The company works very closely with the students, providing all kinds of training and support so it’s always great to see firsthand one of the many success stories.

His series, which is for BBC Two, looks at all facets of contemporary multicultural Britain and questions our attitudes and why we have them.

The Javone Prince show is produced by Lovely Electricity and BBC Comedy and is lit by Martin Hawkins, supported by Richard Martin Lighting.

Although the infrastructure is different to that of a normal TV studio, there was an opportunity to light the entire ballroom and pick up on existing features to really bring the room to life. Martin chose Mac 700s, Sharpys, VL1000TS, Pixel Pars and Stage Bars to create his look.

Filmed in front of a live audience it also features music and guests, promising to be a fun and enjoyable night out for viewers, taking on more of a comedy night than filming a show.

28th April 2015

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