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Artistic Licence previews lightJuice at Smart Lighting 2015

Lighting control specialist Artistic Licence, will be previewing its new lightJuice technology at the Smart Lighting conference at Berlin City Cube, May 20-22. 

The conference, which is part of the larger Metropolitan Solutions Exhibition, brings together the lighting, semiconductor and ICT industries in an exploration of the developments and opportunities associated with LED lighting and digitisation. 

Artistic Licence, already known for its expertise in network based lighting control, will be previewing a new technology, lightJuice, that promises to fundamentally change the way power, control and monitoring are integrated in modern commercial spaces. 

lightJuice eliminates the AC mains wiring that would conventionally power the electrical devices in an IT rich environment – such as a hotel or conference room containing LED feature and task lighting, occupancy sensors, electronic blinds, phones, USB charging points etc. 

Instead, lightJuice powers and controls the device via the network cable, using the Power over Ethernet (PoE++) international standard. Although still in development, the standard promises power delivery of at least 49W; in practice, the silicon used in lightJuice is already delivering 60-70W.

lightJuice combines the language of the DMX512 and DALI lighting protocols with PoE++ to open up new applications. Not surprisingly, LED control is a major theme of the lightJuice range, with constant current and constant voltage dimmers to suit a range of fixtures. Also in the initial line-up are DMX512 and DALI gateways, expanding the breadth of Power over Ethernet based applications.

The many benefits of lightJuice include: elimination of local-level AC wiring, reducing installation costs; user-reconfigurable (human safe voltage of less than 60V needs no electrician); power and control over a range of devices, not just LEDs; bi-directional communications enable monitoring (important for energy efficiency / Part L building regulations); based on an international standard, so no inter-operability issues.

Artistic Licence CEO, Wayne Howell comments: “These are exciting times for our industry. The convergence of lighting and ICT presents tremendous opportunities, and we are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm for lightJuice in this new arena.”

14th May 2015

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