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Ayrton has integrated Osram LEDs in seven new products

Ayrton has integrated Osram LEDs in seven new products

Ayrton, a specialist in smart LED products for entertainment and architectural lighting, is using Osram Ostar Stage and Osram Ostar Compact LEDs as light sources in seven new spotlights. The French manufacturer presented the new products for event and stage lighting at Prolight + Sound 2015.

Members of the Osram Ostar product family are ideal for use in event and entertainment lighting applications. Osram Ostar Stage LEDs fit optimally in moving heads and are an excellent choice for booth lighting at trade fairs. They offer a high luminance of 48 million candelas per square metre (Mcd/m²) and tunable colour tones from cold white to warm white. The combination of their extremely low-profile design and the glass cover with its anti-reflective coating makes them ideal for integration in compact spotlights with an extremely narrow beam. Osram Ostar Compact LEDs are small light sources based on SMT technology. They feature outstanding brightness and luminance due to their pure surface emission and low thermal resistance as well as improved corrosion robustness for use in floodlights. The different product versions offer a high degree of design freedom for various applications.

Ayrton used the Osram LEDs as light sources in its new MagicDot-R, CosmoPix R, VersaPix-R, DreamPanel Shift, DreamPanel Twin, WildSun-K25 and Nandospot SC spotlights. Equipped with a new Osram Ostar Stage (LE RTDUW S2WP) with 60W and a small light-emitting surface measuring 8mm², the MagicDot-R, for instance, features a luminous efficacy of 1,800 lumens (lm) and a luminous intensity of 180,000 candelas (cd). Ayrton presented the new products at this year’s Prolight + Sound.

14th May 2015

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