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Bandit Lights the way for Mirror Maze

Bandit Lights the way for Mirror Maze
Bandit Lights the way for Mirror Maze

USA – It is not every day that families can make their way through an castle holding a spectacular mirror maze, but in Tennessee’s mountain resort town of Pigeon Forge, thousands find themselves embarking on an adventure to rescue a princess in a space with more than 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls with lighting and effects installed by Bandit Lites.

With a new haunted attraction being installed on the first floor of the Castle of Chaos building at the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors moved to the second floor of the same building. Due to the complex nature of efficiently creating a maze of mirrors and since Bandit installed the lighting in the original maze, Kuvera Partners once again reached out to the Bandit Lites’ system and sales solutions team for the reinstallation.

Bandit added new elements including video monitors in the hidden 'gag cells' of the maze, a staircase that plays piano notes and lights up as you climb it, and a mirrored room with a projected ceiling of fireworks.

“For the redo of this maze Bandit installed all elements of audio, video, lighting and controls,” said installation and service specialist, John Jenkinson. “We also had a hand in some thematic elements of the attraction, and the addition of the new items such as the piano stairs and fireworks room.”

With Bandit’s installation team recently installing a similar maze attraction at the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center in Myrtle Beach, SC, Bandit was uniquely qualified to work on this project in Pigeon Forge, ensuring nothing ‘got lost’ in the process.

“The challenges on this job were the short time frame and the new elements,” added Jenkinson. “We had to do some testing prior to installation, and some things we figured out on-site. Fortunately, our client seems very happy with the new elements and the experience as a whole.”

“Each time we work with Bandit, we get service that excels well beyond turnkey systems,” says Tej Sundher, a partner with Kuvera Partners. “John and the entire team make sure no detail is overlooked and that the final project is one we are proud to have our customers come and enjoy.”  

21st May 2015

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