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Calling all Video Creatives: ArKaos MediaMaster PRO Training at InfoComm 2015

Calling all Video Creatives: ArKaos MediaMaster PRO Training at InfoComm 2015

ArKaos PRO will be hosting two hands-on courses as part of InfoComm’s education programme. ArKaos sales manager and project co-ordinator, Benjamin Bauwens, will lead the comprehensive training sessions which will provide participants with everything required to set up, program and run a show using MediaMaster PRO. Topics will include video mapping, edge blending, 3D mapping and advanced geometrical correction. Each half-day session provides focused, hands-on training with the new MediaMaster Pro V4.2 software and media servers range.

The course is designed for creative lighting designers and professional video operators and programmers who wish to establish a solid core of media server knowledge on one of the most powerful and economical media server solutions on the market.

Session Highlights:

  • Hardware Overview: Stage, Studio and Stadium Servers
  • Software: Overview of MediaMaster Express 4.2 and MediaMaster Pro 4.2
  • Interface: Including Theatre Mode and Advanced Fixture Mode
  • Geometrical Correction: Soft Edge, Keystone, Geometrical Correction, Basic and Advanced Soft Edge
  • LED Mapper Interface Overview and Fixture Mapping
  • Video Mapper: Interface Overview, Output Management Hands-On 3D Surface Mapping and Interpolation

Session Times:

Wednesday June 17th 9:00am – 1:00pm, LT02 Arkaos Media Server Training

Thursday 9:00am – 1:00pm, LT03 Arkaos Media Server Training


12th May 2015

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