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Coda Systems Bring People Together at New Chinese Venues

Coda Systems Bring People Together at New Chinese Venues
Coda Systems Bring People Together at New Chinese Venues

One of the top ten chains in China, leisure, entertainment and business corporate Da Yue Xiu Entertainment Group is the biggest KTV (karaoke) brand in the country’s Henan province. The Group also specialises in non-KTV venues, with three recently-opened bars all featuring Coda Audio systems.

W Music Club is a new chain of venues which highlights the atmosphere of both live and recorded music, but at generally lower volumes than a traditional nightclub. The first branch – in Henan province capital Zhengzhou – attracted a very positive response and so two more, in the cities of Nanyang and Haikou, have recently opened.

W Music Club venues are designed to encourage people to interact and communicate. Careful interior layout of the 300m² Nanyang venue and high quality sound reproduction would maximise the potential for this and so, after a number of demonstrations and A/B tests, Da Yue Xiu Entertainment Group’s Mr Xiao chose a Coda Audio D-Series system. Thanks to its success, a Coda system was also specified for the Haikou W Music Club.

Nanyang has also seen the opening of another of the group’s brands, a 1+1 Music Barbecue Bar, with another Coda system. All three were installed and commissioned by Keyi Speaker and Sound Engineering Co. Ltd.

“Coda Audio systems have proved to be a very wise choice. The company’s advanced technology delivers lightweight, high output and high fidelity loudspeakers,” says Mr Xiao. “The performance of Coda systems can only really be appreciated by listening to them and we all agree that we should use Coda products in future venues.”

12th May 2015

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