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CT Expands Riedel Communications Inventory

CT Expands Riedel Communications Inventory

UKCreative Technology (CT) has expanded its inventory of Riedel Communications’ pioneering real-time video, audio, data and communications solutions. Engineered to provide exceptional performance and flexibility even in the most demanding environments, the Riedel systems contribute to CT’s ability to meet the communications and signal transport requirements of any sports, corporate, exhibition, or entertainment event.

“Our success as a staging services provider is a direct result of our innovative application of the latest technology alongside the very best technical and operational personnel,” said Dave Crump, CT CEO for Europe and the Middle East (pictured). “We have been using Riedel equipment in the US for some time. This new investment underlines the confidence we have in Riedel equipment and the critical role it plays, in enabling our teams worldwide to provide high-quality, high-performing solutions tailored to the demands of the customer and event.”

CT has invested in multiple units of Riedel’s MediorNet Compact PRO. This is a 50G media distribution network designed for small to mid-sized media network applications. Because the solution is fully compatible with all other MediorNet devices, it is fully scalable and can serve as a satellite stagebox in larger media network applications.

Alongside the MediorNet investment CT has also purchased C3 digital beltpack/master stations and headsets as the first phase in replacement and upgrade of its European intercom infrastructure. The ergonomically shaped Performer C3 two-channel beltpack uses high-quality digital audio to provide noise and hum free signals. Extensive DSP signal processing provides perfect side tone-nulling and excellent intelligibility in applications with very high ambient noise levels. 

“Creative Technology supports many of the world’s premier live events, and it’s always exciting to see how the company leverages our equipment to make each production a success,” said Thomas Riedel, CEO at Riedel Communications. “We look forward to further work with CT as it continues to extend its portfolio of Riedel solutions.”

22nd May 2015

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