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ETC lights Manila’s newest arts venue

ETC lights Manila’s newest arts venue

The Philippines – In November, the Solaire Resort and Casino in the Philippines raised the curtain on a luxurious new performance venue, called The Theatre at Solaire. The fan-shaped, 1,760-seat music hall is equipped with ETC Sensor3 power control, a Unison Paradigm architectural system and an Eos Ti entertainment lighting control system.

The Theatre at Solaire is the highlight of the Solaire Resort and Casino, and is considered to be the most advanced theatre in the Philippines. Its stage technology system was designed and specified by Coherent Design, a Las Vegas based theatrical consulting group. They faced a unique challenge due to the fact that there are few theatres in the country. Having technical support nearby was an absolute necessity, especially when it came to programming and commissioning the system. 

“The experience that ETC Asia had in similar facilities and the training they were able to give to the local integrator was essential to pulling the project off in an extremely condensed time frame,” says David Starck, managing partner of Coherent Design. He has worked with ETC for many years and has faith in the company’s products and service.

Six ETC Sensor3 power control racks fitted with 576 modules, including ThruPower modules, were specified and installed. “The ThruPower modules are ideal for the Solaire project and most projects these days. More and more lighting instruments are going to LED and movers, so having the ability to switch from a dimmable to a true non-dimmable circuit quickly is a huge advantage,” explains Starck.

The venue also employs an Eos Ti lighting desk with 8,000 outputs. The flagship console of the Eos family, Eos Ti provides the bold features and increased control capacity that the iconic venue requires.

Additionally, an ETC Unison Paradigm architectural control system is used for houselights and worklights. Says Starck: “The Paradigm system was the only logical choice to bring it all together and allow for houselight control from both the in-house console and from any touring consoles. It also allows for easy control by staff for all of the back of house lights, such as the in the galleries, grid and control booths.”

photo: Solaire Theatre

11th May 2015

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