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Green-GO celebrates successful launch of new wireless system at Prolight+Sound

Green-GO celebrates successful launch of new wireless system at Prolight+Sound

The launch of Green-GO's new wireless extension of its Ethernet based multi-channel digital intercom system at this year's Prolight + Sound has been hailed a huge success by the company's sales manager Silvio Cibien.

He explained: "We chose to debut the new wireless system in Frankfurt as  the event is always a highlight on our calendar and we are aware of the calibre of people that are drawn to the show. It is a truly international event and we wanted to introduce our new product to the world. It really is a remarkable development for the Green-GO system and as predicted, it was an amazing crowd catcher."

Silvio continued: "This year, we chose to take a display at the entrance of Hall 8 which was instrumental in leading many curious customers to our booth. Visitors to our stand got to see the system in action and were extremely impressed with what they saw."

The launch of the professional wireless system comes just months after the launch of the Green-Go iPhone app. Unlike other wireless intercom systems, the Green-Go wireless beltpack and HF base stations are an extension of the Green-GO wired Ethernet network. The flexibility of the main system remains the same - all the user has to do is add a number of antennas and wireless beltpacks in the system.

"We expect the system to be shipping very soon," added Silvio. "We feel confident that we are offering a superior, more advanced system than any of our competitors – easier to use, with more functions, more channels and at a fraction of the price – and last, but not least it remains an extension of our popular standard wired system."

1st May 2015

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