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Harman’s Martin Professional Increases MAC Viper AirFX Production for Summer Festival Season

Harman’s Martin Professional Increases MAC Viper AirFX Production for Summer Festival Season

In response to overwhelming demand for the hybrid lighting fixture, Harman’s Martin Professional has announced increased production for the MAC Viper AirFX. Already a staple on many major tours and in the rental market, the AirFX is one of the most prominent members of the MAC Viper family, one of the most successful product suites in Martin’s history.

In order to provide bigger output with a smaller footprint, the AirFX was engineered to replace 1500W fixtures, which were previously seen in a lot of shows mainly for mid-air effects, with no projection and often with a few simple gobos. Ideal for tours and festivals, the AirFX gives lighting designers everything that makes the MAC Viper family so effective in one versatile fixture.

Esteemed lighting designer Rob Sinclair recently deployed the AirFX on the Queen + Adam Lambert tour and Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once tour. "For both tours I needed a hard-edged fixture that would be visible in the air against large video screens,” says Sinclair. “The MAC Viper AirFX was the only choice.”

Without compromising on output and performance, the AirFX packs a punch with its hard-edged, mid-air effects, its beautiful colours and wash fields and its superior quality of light. Due to an advanced optical system it is able to deliver 34500 lumens, which is brighter than most 1500W and even 1700W spot fixtures on the current market.

“I have been working with the MAC Viper AirFX since 2012, and it has been great to see this fixture shine on and on across the globe, where I can get hold of them in every corner,” says lighting designer Oli Metcalfe. “It never stops delivering great dynamics to my work and living up to great consistency and reliability. Recently I have been specifying MAC Viper AirFX for its mammoth aerial beams and punch through almost any other light source. This fixture is able to offer a wide range of beam looks, as well as a subtle range of gobos for texturing. I enjoy working with the fixture’s iris and zoom, as this is still one of the best assets offered by both the MAC Viper Profile and MAC Viper AirFX. Colours are rich and consistent and the extra output from the MAC Viper AirFX makes this unit a number one choice of multi-purpose fixture for a variety of applications.”

MAC Viper AirFX production has ramped up in time for the festival season.

12th May 2015

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