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Marathon challenge for HK Audio

Marathon challenge for HK Audio

UK - The largest annual fundraising event in the world, the 2015 London Marathon took place on Sunday 26th April with over 37,000 participants.

For the past five years, Hertfordshire-based Mr H Productions have supplied sound reinforcement at two points on the 26 mile route, one of which is right at the half way point.

“Every year seems to get better, we are placed at the half way mark, and entertain the cheering crowds as well as the participating runners.” says Mr H Productions creative founder Andrew J Harvey. "This is very important, as the runners are given that extra encouragement. The main problem that we have faced in the past is throwing the sound way down this part of the route, without having undue noise to local residents. This year we tried out the HK Contour Array system, having two CT118 subs aside with two CTA208 mid/hi array cabinets, ground stacked on the subs. The system performed effortlessly, with headroom to spare. At one point, when we had the far-off runners approaching doing the YMCA, we knew that the system was throwing well beyond our expectations!"

JHS pro audio area sales manager Karl Bates said: "Andy was looking for something quick and easy to rig, that could be used in a variety of situations and the Contour Array fitted perfectly. They had playback as well as live music going through the system and it performed without fault, we had comments from the spectators that every vocal was clear and precise. Even with so much noise from the cheering crowds, the system handled it with ease.”

11th May 2015

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