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Optoma unveils next generation of multi-award-winning HD91

Optoma unveils next generation of multi-award-winning HD91

The next generation of Optoma’s award-winning HD91 LED home cinema projector, HD91+, has just been unveiled. The new HD91+ takes the stylish design of the HD91, with its sleek curves and matt black bodywork, and harnesses the same ground-breaking LED technology. But it is even better than its predecessor with higher brightness and contrast for enhanced image quality.

Justin Halls head of product marketing at Optoma, said: “The feedback received for the HD91 and its shorter throw version, the HD90, has been excellent so we’re excited to unveil the next evolution of our LED home cinema projectors.”

With an incredible 600,000:1 contrast ratio, increased brightness of 1,300 lumens and 1080p Full HD, the high-end specifications of the HD91+ create an unforgettable big-screen cinema experience.

Powered by three LEDs, the HD91+ delivers enhanced image quality with a wide colour gamut, superior colour saturation and outstanding brightness using separate red, blue and green LEDs to produce intense yet accurate colours. The LED illumination in the HD91+ provides consistent brightness and colour performance to maintain its out-of-the-box image quality throughout its lifetime. LEDs have up to 33% less power consumption than an equivalent lamp-based projector and need less cooling, which makes the projector almost silent in operation and allows more flexibility in installation.

Since its launch, the HD91 home cinema projector received numerous awards and accolades, including a Highly Recommended award from It was awarded a ‘Recommended’ badge and 9/10 for features, value and design from Technology Journalist John Archer, of And IT Journalist, Chris Bidmead also gave the HD91 5/5 for performance and 4/5 for features, value, ease of use and design for

The HD91+ contains a number of innovative features, not usually seen in a home projector at this price point. These include:

Installation flexibility: Full lens shift (Vertical: +/- 60, Horizontal: +/-10%). The wide 1.9x zoom and throw ratio of 1.5 to 2.89:1 makes installation simple.

Full CMS+ for calibration precision: The HD91+ comes equipped with an advanced colour management system, giving flexibility to choose between five preset colour gamuts (Native, Adobe, DLP-C, HDTV and SMPTE-C), six colour temperatures (D50, D65, D83, D93 and Native) or alternatively, to fine tune intensity and x/y co-ordinates of primary and secondary colours for ultimate calibration precision.

It uses 1080p LED technology to provide excellent colour accuracy and sharp detailed images. These LEDs have 20,000 hours lifespan and allow near instantaneous on/off. And because the HD91+produces less heat than traditional lamp-based projectors, it can be installed close to walls or ceilings or even built into a small enclosure.

Its superior motion handling is due to the latest frame-interpolation technology PureMotion4. This gives advanced motion control processing that eliminates motion blurring or image judder, even in high-speed action sequences and 3D modes.

PureColour provides balanced colours for vibrant, vivid and natural images. This works in conjunction with the independent Colour Management System. Deep Colour makes it possible for the HD91+ to reproduce billions of colours ensuring smooth tonal transitions and subtle graduations between hues.

Dynamic Black uses ultra-fast LED switching times to dynamically adjust brightness frame-by-frame to produce deeper blacks for exceptional shadow detail in dark scenes, whilst displaying crisp and clear bright scenes.

The projector features DLP technology from Texas instruments which uses millions of tiny mirrors to maximise the available light output and high contrast while completely eliminating crosstalk. This provides a new level of 3D experience with virtually zero rainbow and crosstalk artefacts. Optoma is so confident the colours will remain consistently bright and clear that it provides a five year warranty for the light source.

A full specification sheet for the HD91+ together with information on the full product range, brochures and images of the projectors are available from Optoma.

27th May 2015

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