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Optoma’s first 1080p ultra short throw now available

Optoma’s first 1080p ultra short throw now available

Optoma’s new range of super-bright, ultra-short throw projectors, featuring both interactive and non-interactive models at 4,000 lumens, is now available. The easy installation range includes the company’s first ever 1080p ultra short throw projectors EH320UST and EH320USTi and WXGA resolution models W320UST and W320USTi.

At 4,000 lumens, these are among of the brightest ultra-short throw projectors available. High brightness together with Full HD resolution and an ultra-short throw lens gives a huge picture the whole audience can easily see without any shadows cast from the presenter or teacher. For example, the 1080p models can project a 100 inch image (diagonal) from just 55cm from the screen. This is absolutely perfect for a classroom or meeting room where bright, vivid images and crystal clear text is essential.

Fast and easy installation is provided by the new mounting system and auto calibration via computer. The wall mount comes pre-assembled for easy installation and features multiple adjustment options for integration with a variety of whiteboards.

Existing Epson UST customers can easily upgrade to an Optoma Full HD model using Optoma’s new projector mount adapter. The adapter simply fixes to any existing installed Epson UST wall mounts allowing the new Optoma UST projector to be installed in minutes.

These high resolution projectors are perfect for businesses, schools and colleges and use a new generation of TouchBeam finger-touch interactive technology. This allows several people to work simultaneously on the screen without using a pen. TouchBeam makes it easy to draw, annotate, zoom and rotate images on the projected image. It’s also possible to open documents or web browsers and interact with the content without the need of a computer.

Optoma’s head of product marketing, Justin Halls, said: “We are excited to be one of the first to launch a range of 1080p ultra short throw projectors. The four new models offer enhanced learning with high contrast and Full HD 1080p resolution making it possible to include complex detail in presentations.

“When purchasing a high quality 1080p projector model, where image quality, colour performance and contrast are important criteria, the vast majority of buyers choose a DLP based projector over those based on three LCD technology.”

According to market data organisation PMA, 80% of all 1080p projectors sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa in Q2 and Q3 last year used DLP technology.

The throw ratio of 0.25:1 for the 1080p models and 0.27:1 for the WXGA models means they can project a 100 inch image (diagonal) from just 55cm and 58cm away. And having the projector installed so close to the screen avoids any shadows being cast across the image from the presenter.

These Full 3D projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles. They come with a built-in speaker that delivers powerful 16W audio, with exceptional sound quality. Despite the small dimensions of these projectors, the built-in audio is capable of filling a normal size meeting room or classroom. An audio output is also included, enabling connection to external sound systems. The new innovative design also makes for an ultra-quiet fan that won’t interfere with lessons or meetings.

The new ultra short throw models include a range of input options, including two HDMI inputs and two VGA inputs, making switching between Blu-ray player, computer or other sources simply the push of a button. They also have networking capabilities that make it easy to manage the projectors remotely via RJ45.  Compatible Crestron RoomView software can be used to power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer.  This allows IT technicians to monitor the projectors remotely and avoids wasting lamp hours by leaving them running all night.

Optoma projectors use DLP technology which ensures the projectors retain their out-of-the-box image quality and brightness throughout their lifetime and, as there are no filters to remove and clean, they need virtually no maintenance. Eco mode also offers significant savings for both energy consumption and lamp life.

Optoma’s education website highlights how to choose an education projector for small or large classrooms and auditoriums as well as information on wireless projection, interactive features and 3D.

21st May 2015

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