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PLASA Focus Leeds 'Highlites'

PLASA Focus Leeds \'Highlites\'
PLASA Focus Leeds \'Highlites\'

The Infinity Sunpanel is a versatile LED blinder panel with 150 x 3W Osram Oslon LEDs. These are arranged in a 10x15 matrix with a pixel pitch of 80mm. The powerful 2400° Kelvin 3W LEDs create a wall of punchy blinders capable of generating amazing volumetric graphics. Each LED is driven by state of the art drivers allowing a perfect smooth dimming curve without any steps from zero to 100%.

Constructed in a rugged modular mesh with six detachable modules, the design allows for creative staging solutions where other lighting fixtures can be placed either behind or in the spaces where modules have been removed. For more complex staging, the modules are able to be rigged with angles between the panels of up to +/-15° in steps of 5°. The Infinity Sunpanel is IP-54 certified and equipped with Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 and Neutrik 3 and 5 pole waterproof chassis connections.

A range of control solutions is available via DMX, RDM, or Artnet along with the popular Klingnet protocol which allows for swift programming for Arkaos VJ software users. The built-in Ethernet switch makes it possible to easily daisy chain your data network, so external switches or routers are no longer required.

The growing popularity of the DAP Xi Installation Speakers has generated a demand from installers for an extended range of boxes. Recently made available in White, the Xi series offers a complete solution for the professional installation market. There are four top boxes in the range; from a small compact 5" cabinet, a 6”, 8” along with a larger 10" model. These can be combined with the 2 x 8” subwoofer which has a remarkable output for such a compact design, making it a perfect bass solution for many rooms.

The top speakers have been neatly finished with an attractive removable grill which allows the 90x60 horn to be rotated if required. The recessed Speakon connector behind the handle are designed so that the speaker can be mounted as close to a wall as possible.

Thanks to their solid construction, flexible mounting options and pleasant sonic character, these speakers have been the chosen solution for many installations, becoming even more popular with the new striking white colour range.

The popular P25 range has been improved and expanded to provide a range of products for creative stage and set design. The new improved Pixelstrip P25 MKII’s are controlled by the new Controller Pixelstrip MKII, which is capable of driving a total 16 strips (four outputs with four strips.) The complementary Pixel Batten P25MKII and Pixel Tile P25 MKII products can be combined with the Pixelstrip MKII to create stunning LED visual patterns using the Klingnet, DMX or Artnet protocols. The sliding bracketry allows for maximum flexibility during installation so that complex patterns can be constructed in many configurations with minimal gaps between products if so required.

The Infinity iW-1915 Pixel offers 19 quad colour, RGBW 15W LED colour mixing with a wide linear zoom function from seven to 50 degrees. This wide zoom range enables the iW-1915 Pixel to be used as a beam effect or a wash light as required. The LEDs are divided in five controllable sections allowing striking colour flows and creative patterns to be programmed.

High torque motors ensure the head responds quickly for fast transitions and the customised high grade lens plate ensures excellent optics and perfect colour-mixing at any zoom position.

The Beakon 360 is a unique moving head offering unlimited possibilities for the most creative light show designers. It has a continuous rotation on the pan and tilt movement, for maximum creativity it has RGBW LED's on two sides. Each cluster of four LEDs is independently controllable and offers full RGBW colour mixing ensuring rich and vivid colours as well dramatic and creative effects.
The Beacon 360 defines new boundaries for creative light show and is the perfect tool for the most demanding light designer.

The Beakon 360 is similar in size to the Phantom 50, which makes it ideal for settings with a low ceiling. It takes up little space in transit and weighs only 4.5kg making it ideally suited for use by mobile DJs or performers. With a maximum power usage of 100W the Beakon 360 can be used almost everywhere without the need for special power set-ups.


PLASA Focus Leeds \'Highlites\'PLASA Focus Leeds \'Highlites\'

11th May 2015

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